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ONE Book Can Change A Family

(219th day, 146 more days to go)

For the past months, we have given away our books to several Moms during our many Giveaways. Since then, we have received great feedback from them. We are Thankful to hear that something that we did is not only changing these Mom’s lives but their children’s lives as well. Thanks to Kendra S., Shawnique A, & Jessica P., we now know that ONE book (which is OUR book) can change an entire Family’s life. Sometimes it’s not about selling your books to make it onto the New York Times’ Best Sellers List or going on Oprah’s Show like so many authors have done because I always say, it’s NOT about sellin’ it’s more about tellin’

Written by: Maxx


Somewhere In The World…

(218th day, 147 more days to go)


Somewhere in the world there’s a Mama who after so many years of being alone is learning to #LetItGo one day at a time. Instead of searching for her True Love, she allowed HIM to find her. Aside from being in a new relationship, she has graduated from college, found a new job, and her child adores her new Man. Their kids get along well and they plan to marry very soon. NOW, she “sees” what it takes to be a REAL father. Without hesitation, her new man “stepped up” & is the positive male role model her child always needed. On the other side of that world is her Baby Daddy who “suddenly” begins to call and visit more often. He constantly tells her, “I don’t want no sorry ass dude around my kid.”


Written by: Maxx

Happy 4th of July

(150th day, 215 more days to go)

Random Thought: I wish people who BBQ today would deliver. However, The Aluminum Foil Crew is on the loose…LOL

Mali Music

(136th day, 229 more days to go) One of my favorite songs from his album


I stopped going to church a few years ago because I felt like I wasn’t getting anything spiritually from the churches I attended.  I found out last summer that the Bishop from the last church I attended admitted that he was gay.  This really messed my mind up because I had attended his church for two years.  I don’t hold anything against being homosexual but this Bishop (and I use the word loosely) was married with four kids.  Apparently, he always knew that he was gay but thought he could “cure” himself of his “gayness.”  He learned that you couldn’t but by then he had already been married twice and had children.

This has really tested my Faith in church but not in HIM.  I think everyone should try to grow spiritually on their own.  We can not expect these so-called leaders to have all the answers and help us in our times of need.  The fact that hundreds of followers believed and spent their entire life savings on the notion that the world would end last month indicates how much these “leaders” can misguide us if we are not careful.

I learned of this artist, Mali Music from a friend on Facebook.  She raved about his music because he performed at her church.  I ignored her request to listen to his music at that time.  That was the beginning of my distrust of churches so anything that reflected them was removed from my radar.  Now another friend reintroduced him to me.

I’ve listened to his entire album and it has spiritually inspired me.  It hasn’t inspired me to go back to church but it has put gospel artists back in my spiritual radar.

After the world didn’t end last month, I now know why my mother always told me that you can “pray” and have Faith anywhere outside the church even while you’re on the toilet.  Yes, my mother actually said that and I agree…Amen?!!!

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


(135th day, 230 more days to go)

I told a bill collector that they had the wrong number when they asked for me. Then, I changed my voicemail message to the standard greeting.


What’s YOUR Confession?

Love Yourself!

Confession by: Maxx

Note To Self…

(134th day, 231 more days to go)


Do not piss any of these people/organizations off or you might as well kiss your career Goodbye

  1. PETA
  2. The Jewish Community
  3. Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
  4. Michael Moore
  5. Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber’s fans
Love Yourself!
Written/Posted by: Maxx

My “Crazy” Mind

(133rd day, 232 more days to go) I can be insane and “Crazy” at the same time…just go with it!!

I saw a little girl with a cast on her right arm today.  I could tell that she had to be about one years old because of the way she was walking.  She still had problems balancing herself while on her feet but for the most part she ran around like most kids her age do.

I couldn’t help but think her mother was at fault.  How could a mother “let” her baby’s arm break?  Where was she when it happened?  I can admit that I had bad days where I thought I was an unfit mother.  Scratch that.  I’ve had a whole year where I thought I was the worst mother on this planet and I still experience those days today.  So for me to question this mother’s whereabouts shouldn’t be no business of mine.

I can sympathize with this child’s mother because I’m sure she gets stares from strangers and comments from family members for the cast on her little girl’s arm. I never experienced my child breaking her arm but I have experienced people making comments and staring at my daughter for something that they have no clue about.  My daughter has severe eczema (very dry skin) and people always had their opinions about it like I wasn’t trying to get rid of it.  I had seen 9 dermatologists, 3 herbal doctors, and several specialists who could  not help find something to stop her from scratching or medicine for the scars on her legs and arms.  Since there is no cure for eczema, the best advice I got was from a women whose son suffered from the same thing.  She said that she would eventually grow out of it…hopefully.

I wrote this post for those parents who find themselves in a “light” that cast them as a bad parent.  We’ve all had those days and we will not be the last ones who do.  My older sister told me after my then 5 month-old daughter fell off the bed, “every baby falls off the bed sometimes and that doesn’t make you a bad mother.” Of course, I still freaked out that my first and only born child fell onto a tiled floor off a king size bed.  Now, almost 11 years later I realized that she had a point, a “crazy” point, but indeed a valid point.  It certainly taught me that I will not always be there to watch her every move.

My daughter is going to be 11 years old and the scars are still there but not as bad as they were when she was a baby.  I hope this baby will recover from her broken arm soon and hopes her mother can somehow redeem herself from those who criticize her.  If not, then keep it moving as I always say.

Love Yourself!

Written by: Maxx


( 132nd day, 233 more days to go) I Love this quote and believes it applies to my life.



  1. “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot
Posted by: Maxx

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

(131st day, 234 more days to go)

I went to see the movie, Bridesmaids over the weekend and wished I saw it sooner. It’s a girl’s flick for sure but not too girly to bring a date. The men at the movie theater I attended seemed to enjoy it.  I guess they did because I didn’t see any of them hiding under their jackets as they left the theater.

The ensemble of funny women were a great fit and complimented each other’s roles.  Each bridesmaid had their own humor whether it was inappropriate when Melissa McCarthy’s character either farted or burped in one scene to the moment when maid-of-honor,  Kristen Wiig’s character faked her way throughout the bachelorette party.  If you’ve ever been part of a wedding party, this movie will make your experience seem like a piece of cake even on those days that everyone got on your nerves and you couldn’t wait until the entire event was over.

In my opinion, the movie moved along too slow in some parts but picked up when the women went to the bridal store.  I dare you not to laugh during that scene.  In fact, I bet you a cup of complimentary water that you’ll hold your belly laughing.

I couldn’t help but think about who my real friends are and who has my back.  The main characters, Annie (played by Kristen Wiig) and Lillian (played by Maya Rudolph), reminded me of my first best friend, Christina L., from elementary school.  Although I lost contact with her after the 6th grade, we always talked about being a maid-of-honor in her wedding and raising our kids together.  I hope to find her one day and maybe one of those wishes will come true.


Reviewed by: Maxx


(130th day, 235 more days to go) Quotes that inspire me…




“No matter where you are in life right now, no matter who you are, no matter how old you are – it is never too late to be who you are meant to be.” ~Esther & Jerry Hicks





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