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Somewhere In The World…

(238th day, 127 more days to go)

Somewhere in the world is a Mama who agreed to let her child spend the day with their father. Even though this was his first attempt in years to take their child out, she made no fuss about it because she has learned to #LetItGo. Upon their return, he told her that their child doesn’t feel well. The Mama then noticed that their child wasn’t wearing a coat. When the Mama asked where was the coat she had on before leaving, he said it was in her bag. Later, in the middle of the night, the child began to run a high fever & throws up several times. On the other side of that world is her Baby Daddy who receives a late night text message from her asking him to drop off some medicine for their child. He sends her a text back which says, “I’m way across town so how sick is she?”

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Somewhere In The World…

(213th day, 152 more days to go)

Somewhere in this world is a Mama who refuses to allow her child’s father to be in their child’s life. She put him on child support despite the fact that he “tries” to visit, gives her financial support without an agreement, and attends all birthday parties and special events for their child. She hates him because he was tired of having arguments with her & felt it was best to end their relationship. On the other side of that world is her Baby Daddy who works odd jobs to support his child, allows his Baby Mama to cuss at him every time he goes to see his kid, and refuses to quit even though his friends & family members are encouraging him to leave her a** alone.

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