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TTT’s Song of The Day

(237th day, 128 more days to go)

How many of us can say that we Hate our child’s father? Or is it that we Hate the things that they do to our children? Sometimes our feelings and actions towards our Baby Daddies can be mistaken as our way of still Loving them or wanting them back in our lives. HA! No one can understand how you can Hate someone you used to love because they Love the same person that you do & that person is your child. We just don’t want their father to hurt them like they did us or the same way your own father hurt you when you were a kid. We just want their father to be THERE without all the drama. BUT the only way to get there is to #LetItGo. Just think of how peaceful your life will be when you can see your child’s father without your blood boiling or your fist clinched because you want to beat the living crap outta of him…Woo-sah, Mamas, Woo-sah. That day is near & all You have to do is T-R-Y to Let. It. Go. (Lydia Rouse picked today’s #TTT’s Song of The Day)


TTT Song of The Day…

(231st day, 134 more days to go)

‎#TTT Song of The Day: It’s that time of year again when most of us, Mamas celebrate the holidays & try to make the best of it without our child’s father in mind. Why should we? Well, we’ve been down THAT road so many times before. You know the road that we take to make sure that our kids see their fathers as much as possible BUT when you’re the only person making the effort it makes it very difficult to continue. Then we’re accused of not wanting their father to be in our children’s life. Blah, Blah…cry us a freaking river because we don’t have any tears left to give to something & someone we no longer have love for. IF you REALLY want to be in your child’s life then YOU will make every effort to be there. PERIOD! Until then, we’re NOT going to cry no more…sing it Mary!!! (Thx Tikisha A. for the song pick)

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