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TTT’s Song of The Day

(237th day, 128 more days to go)

How many of us can say that we Hate our child’s father? Or is it that we Hate the things that they do to our children? Sometimes our feelings and actions towards our Baby Daddies can be mistaken as our way of still Loving them or wanting them back in our lives. HA! No one can understand how you can Hate someone you used to love because they Love the same person that you do & that person is your child. We just don’t want their father to hurt them like they did us or the same way your own father hurt you when you were a kid. We just want their father to be THERE without all the drama. BUT the only way to get there is to #LetItGo. Just think of how peaceful your life will be when you can see your child’s father without your blood boiling or your fist clinched because you want to beat the living crap outta of him…Woo-sah, Mamas, Woo-sah. That day is near & all You have to do is T-R-Y to Let. It. Go. (Lydia Rouse picked today’s #TTT’s Song of The Day)


TTT’s Song of The Day…by Beyonce

(227th day, 138 more days to go)

Some of us, Single Moms really need to stop trippin’ and Thank our Baby Daddies for letting us go and moving on with their lives. Now is the best time for us to move on with ours. Yeah, yeah, we hear it every week that it’s “hard to Let It Go” so what have you been doing since then. It’s been a week and your time shouldn’t have been spent on worrying about what he is or isn’t doing…Remember, you’re supposed to be “Crazy” about your child and oh yeah..and YOU! The lesson I’ve learned on my journey to Let It Go is that the sweetest revenge is SUCCESS. So let’s go Mamas cause this elevator is going straight To The Top with NO stops. So who’s going with me???

Posted & Written by: Maxx

“Crazy” Baby Mamas’ Song of The Day

(222nd day, 143 more days to go)

I remember when Alicia Keys’ released this song and it quickly became the soundtrack to my life with my Baby Daddy. Too often, we go in and out of a relationship with our children’s father because we want our kids to have their father in their lives. We “think” our children will suffer but the REAL person who is suffering is YOU. Not wanting to Let Go of the relationship is hurting you more than you will ever know. My biggest regret is staying in the relationship for 10 years (years I will never get back) when I knew on year one that I deserved better. Sadly, not all of us realize that we are NOT meant to be with the father of our children. And I’m not male bashing either just stating the “truth” which a lot of us try to ignore. My only wish is that whoever is reading this will not make the same mistakes that I did and the millions of other Mamas who have also!


Written & Posted by: Maxx

Somewhere In The World…

(220th day, 145 more days to go)

Somewhere in the world is a Mama who is still in a relationship with her Baby Daddy. She does everything in the relationship: cook, clean, help with homework, and pays for most of the bills. All she asks of him is to pay $300 a month to help with the bills and spend time with their children. On the other side of that world (really on the other side of the home that they share) is her Baby Daddy who complains to one of her best friends that she expects him to do too much.

Written & Posted: Maxx

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